Kenyan Elections

A quiet week on the African front for us. Have been concentrating on the new WWJ website!
In 3 months time it will be Kenya’s election time. Although there are troubles during elections, since independence, Kenya has managed to transfer power from one government to another smoothly, in African terms that is.

The dictatorships, pseudo and real, that have been all too common elsewhere have been avoided here.

We will be arriving 3 weeks prior to the elections. While our area is generally peaceful, if there are too many problems, we will go and spend time with friends in Uganda.

Elections everywhere in the world promote polarisation amongst people. This can be seen in France at the present time. However, feelings in Africa do tend to boil over and violence is not uncommon. Then, a few weeks later, things we settle down to peacefulness once again. Maybe even in the USA!
We know we need to be careful – and we will be. It is all part of the African experience.