Great news this week!

We are thrilled to advise that a major international eye charity that provides eye surgeons and training has agreed to support us once we have facilities and a local eye surgeon in place to follow up on operations done. It has certainly added credibility to the project! Some correspondence follows…..

Hi David,
Thanks for the explanation. We would be happy to support once the facility is ready and there is a host ophthalmologist there. I very much admire your work; however, SEE does not really focus on bricks and mortar type work. Our goal is to help the local staff there treat as many people as possible with donated consumables. We cannot perform surgery until that surgeon is there. Please let me know if you have any questions. I very much wish you all the best in your endeavor and please think of SEE once the facility is up and running.

In terms of non-surgical, optometric screening, VOSH is a great organization ( They might be able to help you get a screening program going.
Best, Rachel

That is wonderful. SEE is happy to help once the facility is ready!
All the best,

Check out their website at

We invite you to watch this amazing 6 minute video that SEE INTERNATIONAL has recorded of an existing Eye Clinic that they are associated with. This will surely convince you of the huge value of ‘MAKING THE BLIND TO SEE’

Thank you for sharing in this vision with us.