Busking for the blind! – Meet our (my) number 1 fan

This last weekend has been our annual Art Deco Weekend here in Napier, New Zealand, where we celebrate the rebuilding of the city in the Art Deco style of architecture, after the disastrous 1931 earthquake. Our friend Warren, a regular busker in the city, offered to give all his takings from busking over the weekend, to the project. Amazing! Except there was a twist! He wanted us to dress up in period gear and go and sing with him! Ummmmmmmmmmm!!! Well, a first time for everything! Will we scare people away?

However it all worked out well, except for the weather, and after 6 hours busking over the weekend, we raised $300+. Amazing! We only have to that 479 times more and we will have all we need! There may be easier ways God! Thank you Warren (on the guitar) and thank you God, for giving us the courage, both to do it, and enjoy it!

The highlight of the weekend for me was gaining our NO.1 FAN! This beautiful, very young girl, perhaps 2 years old, clapped and danced to the singing and my actions. To get a better idea of how cute she was, see the video! And you may see us as well! The lady in the purple is severely visually impaired and stopped by and sang with us for a while. A real character!