About Us

From the perspective of David Tait.

Around 4 years ago the Lord told me to go live in Kenya and minister with our friends, David and Selina Walukhu. I mentioned this to Kathy at the time, in a general sense of going to Africa. Her response was, “Not until Mum dies.” Approaching 2 years ago now, this happened.

So, in August 2015 I went back to Kenya after a 10 year absence, with the specific purpose to talk with David and Selina. They were away! I saw them for 1 hour just as I was leaving Webuye for another town. After our reunion, they quickly showed me round the compound where they were now living. Quite different to 10 years before!

The 6 acre compound had been financed and built by a Pentecostal church in Holland. It included a large house, big Bible school, greenhouses, outdoor horticulture, aquaculture and poultry. It was amazing. Very different to what I had expected! So after a brief hello and quick look around, I left. All was going well with their Dutch involvement.

After coming home I was more specific about the call to Kathy. She said she needed to go over there to check it out, before making a decision. The opportunity came when we went to India for our son Nigel, and his now wife Savi’s, wedding. India is much closer to Kenya than New Zealand, and we found some very cheap fares from Delhi to Nairobi on Saudi Airlines.

We envisaged perhaps going there, helping a little in the Bible school, doing WWJ ministry round the countries in the area, with Kathy finding a job to help people, either in nursing or in some other way.

When we got to Webuye, we found the position had dramatically changed! The Dutch church, for internal reasons, had withdrawn, the compound had been handed over to the local Trustees, who were looking for a new vision. Wow! Tailor made for David and Kathy to come in and provide guidance to the people! Unbelievable! All in God’s time, not ours.

The kingdom of God is to be built both in the spiritual and the physical. The Kingdom Healthcare Foundation’s vision is to provide quality, sustainable health care to those whom it is unavailable, due to circumstances beyond their control.

An Eye/ Outpatients Clinic here in Malaha Village, outside Webuye in Western Kenya, is the initial out working of this, providing medical services to an immediate community of 200,000+ people and eye treatment to 4,000,000 in the wider area.

Longer term, as funding becomes available, full hospital services will be offered. Affordable charges will be made, in order for the facilities to be both self-sustaining and able to expand from within, in the future.