The vision is Three faceted…….

All that we do is to be for God’s glory.

God’s kingdom is based on sustainability. Our objective is to make all we do self-sustaining in the long term. We understand that we will not be round forever, so setting up good governance along with internally generated revenue for daily working, is an essential ingredient of all we do.

Our project/s are carried out in consultation with, and the co-operation of, the community in which we are working. Here in Webuye what has started out as an EYE CLINIC has grown into also being an OUTPATIENTS CLINIC to both meet the people’s needs and to make better use of the physical resources with which we have been entrusted. Eventually, as funding becomes available, it will grow into a full HOSPITAL with the ability to carry out operations for those few (say 5% in this area) who have health insurance and so fund the entire vision of helping those without resources to pay for healthcare.

Welcome to our first video presentation on the construction of our hospital. Many thanks to Daniel ‘Einstein’ for producing the video for us. It has been a learning experience!


Visit with us, our new hospital in progress for the people of Malaha Village, Kenya, and the wider area.


Webuye, previously named Broderick Falls, is an industrial town in Bungoma County, Kenya. Located on the main road to Uganda, the town is home to the Pan African Paper Mills, the largest paper factory in the region, as well as a number of heavy-chemical and sugar manufacturers. The area is heavily populated and is used mainly for subsistence agriculture.

The area around Webuye is home to the Bukusu and Tachoni tribes. The driving distance between Nairobi and Webuye is 391 kilometres which will take between 6 and 7 hours. The nearest airport is Eldoret which is 70 kilometres by road from Webuye. There are regular flights from Nairobi to Eldoret each day.

Eye & Outpatients Clinics

The vision for a specialised Eye Clinic and hospital came after asking health professionals, community leaders and people, what the greatest health need was for the area. Unanimously, they came back as EYES. This was followed by an OUT PATIENTS CLINIC.

The combination of the two makes good sense as Eye Clinics tend to work on a spasmodic basis, while an Outpatients Clinic can use the facilities day and evening, 7 days a week.

The building construction is continuing. Welcome in!